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Young Entrepreneur : Rubson Ayobami Alabi

ABOUT CHILDHOOD & STUDIES Born and raised in Kaduna Nigeria, Alabi Samson is also known as Rubson. Alabi Samson was always good in studies which can be seen in his profile. He started his Army School studies so that from there comes discipline in his personality. Also he completed chemical engineering at Landmark University in […]

Pulwama Attack

A shocking news came up on 14th February  2019 when everyone was celebrating valentines day with their loved ones, a terrorist attack happened at lethpora, pulwama district, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The headline of every news channel was valentines day till Pulwama Attack happened. After that every news channel was updated with the latest news […]

Are you using #hashtags?

#hashtags Do you see people and businesses adding up hashtags like #seo #enterpreneur #business #success #achievement and many more. Do you ever get confused or curious to know the reason behind it? Also, nowadays generally youngsters are using so many hashtags for their photos or videos like #comment4comment #followpage #love #getquicktrend etc. Do you really […]



When does Valentine’s day falls in the year 2019? 14th February 2019, Thursday – 38 countries. 21st September 2019, Saturday – Colombia. The love day It is the time when peoplp express their feeling of love and affection to their loved ones. Generally, people chise valentines day to propose the person they admire the most […]

Tal Maimon Biography

Tal Maimon, 33 year old, the Owner and operator of Maimon’s Group Luxury, Rentals and Concierge services. BACKGROUND At age of 23, after the completion of his service in the Israeli Navy he decided to migrate to US. He worked as a waiter for the first year and then gradually began to set his vision on […]


Can Muhammed Karagoz put cancer in spotlight

‌International Models giving emotional support to cancer patients It was a dream come true for the cancer patients when international model came to dallas. The event was organised by Say Yes to Hope. Say Yes to hope is a organisation which gives support to the people with advanced cancer.Say YES to Hope co-founder Suzanne Lindley […]



What is it, who started it and how to get into this challenge? A total widespread guide to the latest viral movement in social media world. The year 2019 had an interesting beginning– thanks to social web. An egg became the most popular image on Instagram globally, Netflix had to issue a warning against people […]

Indian Navy to get more firepower

Indian Navy to get more firepower

World’s fastest anti-ship cruise missile BrahMos to be execute on ‘Project 1135.6’ frigates The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting by defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave approval for the attainment of BrahMos Missiles for two of the vessels to build in Russia. Indian Navy to get more firepower. As per reports by FE earlier, follow-up of […]

Birthday surprise for best friend

birthday surprise for best friend

Best friends are such a gift in life for everyone, and it’s important to find ways to surprise your best friend. It is easy to take people we care for granted, but nothing makes us feel more alive and joyful than experiencing happiness with a friend or loved one. Be there to take time to […]

Stephen Hawking's final book

Stephen hawking’s last and final book

Stephen Hawking’s final book suggests that time travel may one day be possible. Asserting that our present understanding cannot rule it out, Hawking, it seems, was cautiously optimistic. Stephen Hawking‘s final book. We can’t build a time machine today, but could we go in the future? Let’s start with our daily experience. We take for […]