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CHILDHOOD & STUDIESYoung Entrepreneur : Rubson Ayobami Alabi

Born and raised in Kaduna Nigeria, Alabi Samson is also known as Rubson. Alabi Samson was always good in studies which can be seen in his profile. He started his Army School studies so that from there comes discipline in his personality. Also he completed chemical engineering at Landmark University in Nigeria. He moved to China for further studies as he did Civil Engineering from Liaoning University of Technology China and did not stop there as he went to London for Masters where he completed MBA from South Whales University London. He knew the importance and power of his childhood education, which helped him immensely to succeed.


As he completed his studies he learned a lot of new things especially from China and he discovered that there are also good opportunities for others to get an education and also do business in China so he started his own company called star wise company in 2013 and it includes education, trading, event management and also charity work. Alabi Samson has been appreciated for his work and received numerous awards from many places like China as well as from his home place Nigeria he is young but receiving awards like an experienced business tycoon and why not when you are so energetic and visionary. Face of Chinese Foreigners (FIC 2015) Awards, Toosabi Awards China (2016) as the Year’s Entrepreneur, Nigerian Student Association in China (ANSIC) Treasurer Award (2016). Mr Alabi was appreciated for the organization and beautiful event in China by Kiss Daniel in 2017 concert.


There are two types of businessman that one gets success after years of hard work in the late ‘ 50s and some like Alabi Samson are born entrepreneur who gets success with his Energy, Vision, Hard Work, Passion to do something new by taking a risk at an early age.


Alabi Samson is a role model for many young people who want to be able to learn a lot from his short career in life. We wish Alabi Samson more success in life and we also pray to God that he will gain more energy to work hard so that his work of charity will also grow like his business.


STARWISE Group is a registered entertainment company in Nigeria and China. It was founded in 2013 by Mr Alabi Samson Ayobami, a civil engineer, entertainer and business tycoon who has established the company’s five divisions in Jinzhou, China over the years.

Starwise entertainment, with brilliant amazing concerts and shows coming up in styles and unique forms both in Nigeria and China in the years after its establishment had spiced up the entertainment industry. Jinzhou, China’s 2015 Reggie Party, was just an iceberg tip. The show was organized to appreciate the Rastafarian world and a lively mood was stirred by its special genre of music. The arena of the party was a spectacular fashion and music display.

While Starwise International Trade enhances and engages in Nigeria-China business, spanning export and import logistics, Starwise Investment helps young and emerging entrepreneurs with the right connection, funding, and platform to succeed. “Starwise Agriculture is focused on investing in agricultural products such as cash crops, raw and processed food crops, and much more.”

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Starwise charity

The President of the STARWISE GROUP established a charity group called” STARWISE CHARITY,” which provided various humanitarian services in China and throughout Nigeria. STARWISE had taken up the challenge by creating “STARWISE STUDY IN CHINA” and now has over 350 students in China from various countries. Based on the passion for young talented and productive minds, STARWISE INVESTMENT was coined to help them realize their dreams.

Now, coming to the benefits that the Nigerian gets from his company, it has been stated that the Starwise groups are playing a facilitator’s role in getting the application as well as accommodation at the Chinese tertiary institution.

The successful blockbuster events include TSAX Concert 2017, Reggie Party 2016 (Jinzhou, China), Hype Night Party 2018 and Ace Party 2018.

Samson has no doubt a restless mind. In his quest for innate and profound self-fulfillment, he is also in love with adventurism. This would explain why the Association of Nigerian Students in China (ANSIC) awarded him the Best Treasurer Award. Working in harmony with the members of the Starwise team, Samson is strategically poised to deliver wonderful concerts, shows, and events. Starwise has led his infrastructure of leadership, a brilliant, honest and skilled man who can break the glass ceiling and whose limit is the sky.

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